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Some information on the main authors of Strategic Digital Transformation. Details of all of the authors can be found in the About section
Gordon Fletcher

Dr. Gordon Fletcher

Main author & Head of Business 4.0 Directorate

Gordon is Unit Head at Salford Business School and teaches and researches in the area of digital transformation

Marie Griffiths

Dr. Marie Griffiths

Main author & Reader in digital technologies

Marie is Reader at Salford Business School and Head of the Centre for Digital Business

What people are saying

A selection of comments about Strategic Digital Transformation...
Debashish Sengupta

Debashish Sengupta

Professor & award winning author

"Nations like India, that have more than half a billion internet subscribers, mostly millennials, are at the cusp of a digital transformation. However, without a right digital transformation strategy companies can easily squander such a huge opportunity. This is where this book can prove to be absolutely invaluable. Heavily practice-oriented this book prepares business scholars and leaders to ignite, innovate and enable digital transformation in any organization. Going digital is no more a matter of choice, it is a must for organizations to survive, gain strategic advantage and stay ahead of competition. A must read."

Christian Nielsen

Christian Nielsen

Head of Digital Strategy at Nodes

“In a time where the majority of companies give in to hype by marrying their digital solutions instead of their business problems, or desires, the solutions are created to aid, the authors offer a refreshing stance which acknowledges that companies must treat digital transformation as a strategic exercise if they are to expect business relevant outcomes from their continuous change processes.”

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