Digital Transformation and Food HallsThe current COVID-19 global pandemic has brought many companies to a stand still. This white paper was written before the lockdown, which has affected many food halls and catering companies. Many have had to innovate and digitally transform to survive. It has raised interesting questions about how catering companies are using data and technologies such as social media, e-commerce and contactless deliveries to be able to continue trading. It is interesting also to note how food halls may be affected and what impact digital transformation will have in the future.

Digital Transformation and Food Halls

Digital transformation and food halls is critical to improve the customer experience. Digital technology has become an integral part of our day to day life and with that comes a high demand for companies, small or large, to integrate this into their business. This white paper explores the challenges of having to develop and incorporate such advanced technology whilst keeping the essence of business’ individuality. Food halls, in particular, demand new and innovative ways to stay up to date digitally. These technologies need to be integrated with a holistic approach, maintaining the human connection and organizational culture.

A study found that by investing in digital technologies, the food and drink industry could create value worth up to 12% of the industry’s GVA (£56 billion). Food halls have a unique opportunity to be focal point of a community in this digital era. Food halls have a unique opportunity to be focal point of a community in this digital era. They produce delicious local food in a timely matter and connect community, creating events and opportunities for local businesses while boosting the local economy.

Read the full white paper here:  Digital Effect On Food Halls