On the 4th of February, our book, Strategic Digital Transformation finally launched! And we had a little party to celebrate the launch of the book. 

If you managed to attend the launch – we thank you immensely. However, if you were unable to come, don’t worry – we’ll fill you in on what you missed! 

We had the launch party at the University Of Salford MediaCity campus. The reason we chose this location as our venue was because MediaCityUK is the centre of all things digital in the North West as well as one of our campus’ being there – which is always a bonus! The majority of the event took place in the Digital Performance Lab (DPL) because it reflects digital transformation in the region. 

 So… The Book!  

The book is called “Strategic Digital Transformation” which is edited by Dr. Alex Fenton, Dr. Marie Griffiths and Dr. Gordon Fletcher. 

The book is about realising the value and benefits of digital transformation effectively to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a fully data-driven and people-focused organisation 

The book also enables students and business leaders to take a strategic and sustainable approach to realising the value of digital technologies. It is also a vital resource for postgraduate and undergraduate students of digital business, innovation and transformation. By showing how to initiate digital transformation across an organisation, it will prepare business owners, directors and management of small to medium-sized businesses to take strategic approach of new and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the competition. 

What happened at the event? 

We were pleased to welcome Tim Griggs, from the ARUP Groupto our book launch event. He came to speak about the different ways in which ARUP have been developing and transitioning into the new digital world. Tim spoke about ARUP’s goal – to shift their workforce to accommodate less engineers, allowing for more autonomous solutions for a flexible workspace. 

Tim later shifted his speech to talk about ARUP’s end goal which is sustainable development. He mentioned how ARUP’s aims and values will always be to plan, advertise and design built environments. Tim also mentioned how ARUP are considering options to become a more data driven organisation and how they can innovate the practices and procedures in the near future. 

In addition to this, we had a Q&A session, where audience members were able to ask the panel questions regarding all things digital. Members on the panel were:

  • Dr. Yun Chen – Salford University
  • Naomi Timperley – Tech North & Rradar
  • Dr. Gordon Fletcher – Salford University
  • Tina Judic – MD of Found
  • Dr. Wasim Ahmed – Newcastle University

We, of course, had food and drinks that was kindly supplied to us from SALFOOD and 7Brothers Brewery. 

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If you want to watch a recording of the live stream of the event, take a look at the video below

Overall, the event was a great success, as the University Of Salford Digital Business students, managed to plan and execute the ideas successfully. 

The environment of the entire book launch was very exciting and full of motivation for our new digital innovative future. Our exit survey results showed us the audiences enjoyed “Strategic Digital Transformation” book launch.  

Our presenters enjoyed networking with different types of people from different areas in business. This also benefited university students to get to know real corporate – world entrepreneurs and professionals which would inspire them to be future managers and CEOs of the digital transforming world.   

If you were unable to attend this event, don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll have future events relating to the book – or you never know, maybe another book launch! 

Once again, we would like to thank the events team at the University Of Salford MediaCity, SALFOOD, 7Brothers Brewery, Tim Griggs and of course, all of you who attended the event! 

Thank You + Have a Good Day! 

Ps. Did you know that if you order the book, via the website, you can get up to 20% off!

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